Consuay: Leaders in Onions

Consuay Onions S. L. is a company founded on January 2003 as a result of a diversification done in the founding company Consuay S.A. which was in 1960. We are a business family with a great tradition and experience in the food industry sector. Nowadays we are the third generation that continues being dedicated to cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of onions for both domestic and export markets, depending on large areas which are among the biggest clients of the national market.

During this time we have grown progressively depending on a main handling and packaging warehouse in La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia) of 10,000 m2, a storage installation in Albacete 20,000 m2. We also have another main handling and packaging warehouse in Lora del Rio (Sevilla) of 4.000 m2.


Our production is under the GLOBALGAP protocol, holding out the crops using good agricultural practices, thereby ensuring the quality and safety of the product, due to the fact that the product is followed up from the seed to the final product for the consumer.

We produce in Andalucia, Valencia and Albacete where the first two areas of the onion are of medium and short cycle and the third zone is for long cycle. We have a wide range of varieties like red onions, white, figueres and green onion, among others.

In Consuay Onions we produce over 80% of marketed onions. 60% of the marketing is for the national market, in wholesale as well as in supermarkets, while the remaining 40% is sold in countries like UK, Germany, Sweden,
Portugal, Holland, France and Belgium.

At our installations of La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia) we have a network refrigerator for the storage and preservation of onions with a capacity of 2,000 t and 8,000 t to store at room temperature. The storage capacity available in Albacete installation is 10,000 t and 2,500 t other cooling conservation. In Lora del Rio (Sevilla), we have a cooling capacity of 7,000 t.