Early slug (Babosa) Onion

Golden yellow and rounded bulbs has great calibers. It is harvested from mid-April to May. It's slightly spicy (low pungency), very good organoleptic characteristics thus ideal for eating fresh.

Early Slug Onion


Early Slug Onion Sack

Weight: 25 - 20 - 15 - 10 kilos


Early Slug Onion Sack

Weight: 5 Kilos


Early Slug Onion Buti

Weight: 1 Kilo.

Suggested preparation

Cod with onions

Ingredients [six persons]

8 portions of desalted cod / 1 kilo of Early slug (Babosa) Onion/ 2 cloves of garlic / 1 dry red
chilli / 1 glass of white wine / wheat flour / extra virgin olive oil.


  1. Coat the cod in flour and fry it in a pan with olive oil.
  2. We booked it for you.
  3. Cut the onions into thin wedges and put it in a pan with a little olive oil
  4. Then caramelize them slowly. Incorporate white wine when they are half cooked, garlic and finally the sliced chilli.
  5. In a clay pot incorporate the cod and the previous prepared caramelized onions.
  6. Lightly fry the whole mixed ingredients for ten minutes and you have the dish ready.
  7. We serve it by putting in the bottom the cod then over it the onions and decorate with the chilli.
  8. This dish even tastes better when eaten the following day .