Green Onion

White onion is collected in the development phase. It is a spherical bulb of light flavor. It is available all year. It is a very fresh onion and thus ideal for salads

Green Onion


Consuay Green Onion Tray

Weight: 300 Grs.


Consuay Green Onion Bag

Weight: Variable


Consuay Green Onion Bunch

Weight: Variable


Weight: Variable

Suggested preparation

Brochette of vinegar marinated anchovies, onions and olives.

For the brochette:
- Pitted chamomile taste olives, fresh onions, anchovies in vinegar

Shape and temperature of the dish´s presentation:
Introduce the brochette cold. First put the onion separated; then add the anchovy fillet folded in half, and finally put a green pitted olive. Serve it on appetizer trays.