Quality Systems.

The Quality Policy of Consuay Onions S.L. is based on continuous improvement to provide customers and the final consumer, the best quality products, ensuring food security by the compliance of the hygiene, valid legislation and improving daily effectiveness of Quality Management System . We also have implemented the necessary precautionary measures to maintain food integrity at all stages of our production process.

That is why we accomplish the quality standards of prestigious certifications worldwide, legal / regulated requirements, required by the customer and the internal´s company. And we are committed to establish quality objectives and carry up its tracking.

Consuay Onions S. L. is a company committed to the future. Since 2004 we got our first Globalgap certifications, APPC and UNE-EN-ISO 9001-2000. We have a continuous growth in the quality of the materials.

In December 2007 we were certified for the first time under the Standard IFS (International Food Standar) and so far we have gone, not only keeping in the same level but also improving the level of certification, as we have been for three years with the "High level" which is the maximum obtainable.

All our production is certified according to GLOBALGAP Protocol of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to meet the demand of the large commercial chains, from a product cultivated under Good Agricultural Practices Protocol to a well known globally product.

We have the great satisfaction of having obtained a new certification in 2013. It is highly respected and is demanded by the most discerning guests: BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety.

Hygiene, food safety and integrity, along with traceability and quality are the keys to these certifications and therefore our work.

In Consuay Onions we want to ensure the satisfaction of our customers not only having high quality products, but also counting on your opinion to take an objective view of our work and really reach to the satisfaction of your needs. Our Quality Management System is our key to the attainment of these tool objectives.