Shallot (Échalote) Onion

It is of French origin. It is small, oval and elongated bulb of coppery brown color. It has a consistent look and it is sweet of light flavor that is between garlic and onion. It can be stored for months. It is special for cooking. 

Shallot Onion


Consuay Shallot (Échalote) Onion Mesh

Weight: 250 Grs.


Consuay Shallot Onion Mesh

Weight: 250 Grs.


Weight: 500 Grs..

Suggested preparation

Carrot and Onion Sauce Meat


1 large clove of minced garlic / 200 g. diced carrot / ½ kg of minced Shallot (Échalote) Onion / olive oil / 1 water cup of white wine /1/2 water cup / flour / black pepper / salt


Fry the peeled and chopped carrots, garlic and onions in the oil. When they are lightly tender add the white wine, the water, the salt and the pepper. Cook them until the vegetables are tender and the wine and water have been reduced. If you desire thickening them, you can add a little flour. Then remove from heat and mash. We have a great, healthy and quick sauce to accompany many meat dishes.