Sweet onion

It is a white bulb with a flattened shape and less spicy than the other varieties (low pungency). It is collected in July and August. It is tasty and thus perfect for being eaten raw in salads.

Sweet Onion


Consuay Sweet Onion Box

Weight: Variable


Consuay Sweet Onion Mesh

Weight: 500 grs.

Suggested preparation

Sweet onion salad with mackerel

Ingredients [six persons]

Fresh or canned mackerel / sweet onion / olive oil / Jerez wine vinegar / Maldon salt


This salad can be prepared with canned or fresh mackerel.
Grill it and then carefully pull the fillet out and set aside.
Chop the onion as desired, seasoned with oil and vinegar.
Add the mackerel and it is ready to be eaten.