White Onion

It is a white spherical bulb. It is consistent and has a very good organoleptic characteristics. It is good for cooking or eating fresh.

White Onion


Consuay White Onion Box

Weight: Variable


Consuay White Onion Sack

Weight: 10 Kilos.


Weight: 500 Grs.

Suggested preparation

Creamed onions


2 medium WHITE onions cut in pens/ 60g of butter / 1 tablespoon powdered sugar / 2 tablespoons of dry white wine / 2 tablespoons of cream / finely chopped parsley / Salt and pepper


Cook the onions in boiling water until they begin to soften.
Then put them in a pan with butter and sprinkle them with sugar; let them caramelize by stirring occasionally.
Once they are caramelized, remove from the pan and set them aside, but keep them warm.
Sprinkle the wine that has remained in the pan and scrape them quickly with a wooden
spoon , then add the cream and let the sauce thicken over low heat by stirring constantly; add salt and freshly ground pepper and dip the onions in the mixture.
Sprinkle with the finely chopped parsley.