Consuay. Leaders in onions.

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Cebollas Consuay, SL is a family business whose beginnings date back to 1960.

Onion growers. We are specialists in cultivation, production and commercialisation of onions in the national and international market We have warehouses distributed in Albacete (storage), Seville and Valencia as the main manufacturing plant.

We supply onions 365 days a year, in all the varieties that you can find on this website.

We produce in Andalusia, Valencia and Albacete, with the first two areas for short and medium cycle onions and the third area for long cycle. We have a great variety of types such as sweet onions, red onions, white onions, Figueres onions and scallions, among others.

Cebollas Consuay, S.L. produces more than 70% of all onions sold.

In our facilities in La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia) we have cold rooms for the storage and conservation of onions.

70% of our sales go to supermarkets, while the rest go to traditional markets. Among the market destinations, Germany, England, France, Sweden and Portugal are the main ones, taking into account emerging markets such as Taiwan, Canada, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

Our legacy:

To pass on tradition and experience in this sector.


Cebollas Consuay is committed to innovation, sustainability and design.

The key:

More than 50 years of believing in our product.


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