Mediterranean diet in its purest form

Cebolla dulce Consuay

Sweet onion, the star of the kitchen

Not all onions are created equal

Sweet onion is a very healthy food that provides vitamins B, B6 and C. With antioxidant and
mineral properties such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, providing very few calories.
With its mild, no-sting flavour, it’s ideal to eat raw, in carpaccio or salads, in soups, purées and
of course cooked.

The Mediterranean diet in its purest state.

All the varieties for great chefs

Quality, always getting better and better

The Quality Policy of Cebollas Consuay S.L. is based on continuous improvement to offer customers and the final consumer products of the highest quality while ensuring food safety.
In addition, the quality controls carried out during processing, both at the warehouse and those obtained from the results of laboratory analysis, are a key factor in guaranteeing the safety and organoleptic qualities of our onions.